Hello there! Just enter your url and make it short!

What is an url shortener?
Sometimes urls tend to be very long and not really readable for humans. This is extra annoying when you want to share the urls to other people. Sometimes you care about how your urls look, like in presentations or mails, and want to make them more neat looking. Url shorteners like FlowerLink take your long urls and give you a very short one, which looks more pretty.

How does it work?
It is actually really simple. When you put your long url in the upper field and hit the "Shorten!" button, this page will store your long link in a database. Whenever someone connects to the short link, this server looks into the database and forwards you to the long link, which is stored on the server.

How long will the links last?
As this page is not run professionally, the links may break anytime. There is no guarantee that the links will hold for a certain amount of time.

You can enter a custom short url by by replacing "The very short url will appear here.." with the link ending you like. This can help if you need a link that needs to be easy to remember.

Up to now, 60 urls have been shortened and they have been used 95 times.